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Product:Poultry Wire


Poultry Wire is a kind of  chicken wire which is also named poultry wire. The usage of the poultry netting is protecting rabbits, chicken, quail, furry animals and other domestic fowl. The product also can be made as cages for different kinds of poultry as to its changeable mesh.

Electro and hot dipped poultry Wire
As to the surface treatment we have two kinds of poultry netting which are electro netting and hot dipped netting.The zinc rate of electro netting is 14g-25g/ŠOand the zinc rate of hot dipped netting is 50g-100g/ŠO. The zinc rate can also be as your request.The hot dipped netting can last for a longer time than the electro netting but the electro one is cheaper than the hot dipped one.

The advantage of poultry Wire

1.The installation is easier than heavier meshes such as welded wire mesh.You also can get a good vision effects from the poultry netting. The structure of poultry netting can guarantee the excellent air flow and ventilation so an comfortable environment can be provided for the animals.

2. If you feel the current living environment can not satisfy your poultry,the netting can be easily moved to a new place,which can supply more nutrition for your livestock. The manure left by the livestock and poultry is a good organic lawn fertilizer. That rally a good thing for the poultry and the grass.

The suggestion on choosing the poultry Wire

When you chose the poultry netting, please be careful. For example, a cage for birds, its mesh size should be smaller than the bird head. Otherwise, the bird's head is easy to go out of a mesh, it is possible that the bird will die.

The best netting mesh size for birds or chicken is smaller than 15x15 mm, and for rabbit mesh is no more than 30x30 mm.

We manufacture galvanized poultry netting of different sizes as below table. Our products are delivered in rolls and packaged in waterproof paper, which provides a longer storage time.




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